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Women United – Upholds the empowerment of women who step up to care for relative children to elderly parents . We strive to provide assistance  and support to our caregivers with a place to come from beneath the cover and into the light with the struggles they face in caring for love ones. Our goal is to reducing stress in transition,  unite to eliminate loneliness,  display unity and support-family reunification, and encourage personal balance. They are not alone. Our purpose is to bring back family values, structure as well as accountability and involvement. We hope to bridge the gap between Kinship caregivers and the children they love and care for. Give hope to the woman caring for her elderly father, mother or sibling.  Women United also stands united with and for one another in times of crisis with respect of cultural differences.

Our Story

Care giving began at young age. I’m the middle child of ten children, nine girls and one boy. Due to my position among my siblings I babysat my older sibling’s children, and was caregiver to my younger siblings as well. I raised my sons as a single mother and held down a career for 37 years. My passion presented itself when I begin assisting women who would cross my path. Women United was formed 1994.  However, I was unable to pursue my dream  due to a request of my mother. My mother raised many of her grandchildren and the baton was passed when she no longer had sight in one eye and was no longer able to provide care to another grandchild.  I happen to be off work and she requested I go see about my sister’s newborn and 7 year old daughter. I honored my mother’s request and my life took a dramatic turn. My sister’s two daughters were in need of placement in a stable home and my mother was not an option. What was originally expected to be a three months stay turned into sixteen years. I’m happy to report that my niece’s  are doing well and are productive members of society.

During the raising of my nieces I had to put my dreams and aspirations on hold. After 17 years my inquiry to the State of Washington produced Women United Articles of Incorporation that had not been dissolved.

Woman United was reinstated by the State of Washington after 18 years on hold. Just enough time to raise my nieces. My trial became my training, and my training my triumph & passion to help kinship caregivers.

April 2014 my  granddaughter was born, June 2014 she placed in my care.

YaYa was named the Angel of Hope who i love and will take care of her forever she’s 4years old and doing well.

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Meet the Team

The Woman United team  is comprised of women who have hearts for humanity. We are all driven by answering the call and the purpose that is placed in our life to serve and care for our neighbor. Each of us retired from professional careers such as Retired Centurylink Executive Office Manager, Retired Kinship Support Group Facilitator from the Cynthia Green Family Center,  Retired Dental Secretary, and a Retired Mortgage Banker. Our Staff is current or former caregiver and advocates for our aging parents and Ms. Cynthia is a former kinship caregiver. As for  myself, I’m presently caring and advocating for my 92 year old father as well as raising a high spirited 4year year old.

Leaders are not chosen, they are called.

Alesia D Cannady

Founder & CEO

Retired Centurylink Executive Office Manager

I started with Pacific Northwest Bell at the age of Seventeen working 12 jobs over a 37 year period.

The Last 13 years of my career I retired from the

Executive Office of CenturyLink.

My experience come for working in  the communications industry of Pacific Northwest Bell, US West, Qwest, lastly CenturyLink, my experience comes for Customer Service, I began as a Long Distance Operator, Clerical Assistance Directory creating the white page listing, CTI Centralize Ticket Investigations, I created the PNB Minority Business Enterprise Directory which was used throughout the company to hire minority businesses. Motor Vehicle, Building Operations, Residential Final Account, Business Office Sales, Customer Advocacy Group, Executive Office.

C. Green

Cynthia A Green

Vice President

Retired Kinship Support Group Facilitator and Namesake of The Cynthia Green Family Center

Ms. Green has a heart so big and Is filled with so much love for everyone.

If there’s a need she’s going to find a way to fill it. Ms. Green and Mr. Green are Dynamic Duo of Backyard Catering. Whatever need to be done they are right there to assist they are all about getting the job done and serving the community.

Carole K King

Chief Financial Officer

Retired Mortgage Banker

This exceptional young lady  Managed a Toy Store for her daughter while she was away in Japan.

Ms. King has supported Women United since 2014 and has been instrumental in serving the families in our community.


Linda Thompson


Retired Dental Secretary

Ms. Thompson also know as Lady T. If  you need someone to have your  back call on Lady T. Linda is family oriented and loving, she volunteers at Saint Vincent DePaul taking care of the clients in need of food, household items and clothing. In addition Linda is the Musical Director at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church where prepares the music selection every Sunday morning.

Linda is a very important part of Women United because as our children were growing up we as single Mother united with each other, by taking turns making dinner for our families and looking out for our single mother’s in our apartment complex.

Our children played together and we created events where single mother joined together with outdoor activities  for our children.

It takes A Village

We Lift You Up

Please join the movement to lift up caregivers in our community by donating to Women United/ Angel of Hope Play Place & Engagement Center.  Tap the button to the right.

We Thank in an advance for your support.

Alesia D Cannady


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