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We  wear ourselves out with the everyday challenges of caregiving for our elderly parents or a rambunctious 2 1/2  year old. In my case it’s both and our job is never done.  So if you want to know if I understand the heart of a caregiver? The answer is a resounding yes. Yes I Do. That’s where Women United Seattle and the Angel of Hope Play Place /Engagement Center comes-in and is open to take care of your respite needs for one night, a full day, or plan a special event.

For more information Please contact me.

Alesia D. Cannady

Executive Director

Email: or

Cell: 206 316-7601

Intergenerational Play with the Angel of Hope Aleiyah

Aleiyah Cannady is 2 1/2 years old and she’s been visiting the elderly at Park Place Assisted Living since she was 6 weeks old. Aleiyah loves to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with her grandpa, in addition she likes to break bread with the residence at park place and pass out cupcakes. everyone knows her.

The Silver Angels are a blessing to the Small Wonders, and the

intergeneral activities bring a smile to the face of one another.

Love is Free and the return on your sharing is priceless.


Women United/Angel of Hope at Camp Coleman with Kinship Caregivers

2015 Kinship Camp: Caregivers and our children 5 years of age and over participated in a overnight camp and  fun and adventure together at Camp Coleman.

Women United/ Angel of Hope Play Place & Engagement Center


Educational and Referral Services

Health Services provided by Community Partners

Support Group meeting 2 times per month

Sewing Circle

Poetry Night

All Hands Crafts:

Music Therapy

Love Train Play Street



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