We strive to provide assistance and support to our caregivers with a place to come from beneath the cover and into the light with the struggles they face in caring for love ones. Our goal is to reducing stress in transition, unite to eliminate loneliness, display unity and support-family reunification, and encourage personal balance. Women United also stands united with and for one another in times of crisis with respect of cultural differences.


Grandmothers raising grandchildren should be lifted up, supported

At 37 years old, Joe Vinson knows a lot about life. He knows what it takes to raise children; he has four. He knows the importance of hard work and education; he and his wife are working to send his oldest off to college this fall. These lessons, and many more, he learned from his grandmother. Hazel Crigler took in Vinson and his younger brother and sister when he was 5 years old.

My grandmother was a widow at the time,” Vinson said. “She knew it would either be her or we’d end up in foster care.

They grew up in Seattle’s Central District... READ MORE


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